The kids have gone back to school (breathe!) and we all go back to planning things to do at the weekends. Whilst the weather is still looking good, why not head to the Southport Air Show?

Despite popular belief, there are more than just the planes in the sky. We have plenty of attractions that will not only keep the kids entertained, but the whole family too!

The Davanti Racing Bug - head over to the racing bug and see if you can complete the fastest lap - the whole family can compete and you could win a set of Davanti Tyres! Davanti Tyres are also sponsors of the Friday Night fireworks finale!

Paint Balling - that's right - you can go paintballing while at the Southport Air Show. Head over to the beach where you will find the paintball range!

Mini Tanks - in a purpose-built arena the kids can drive mini tanks and have a taste of what it will be like in the real thing!

The Chinook Facsimile - this is a highlight of the village area and gives you a unique opportunity to get up close to this amazing helicopter.

Military Village - this is where you will find the armed forces, plus equipment. You can take a close look at weapons as well as a real life Marine demonstrating in a diving tank!

Fast Jets - what kid is not going to be totally blow away by the sound of a fast jet? This years display has 6 jets flying and ripping into the sky!

Assault Course - a firm favourite at the Southport Air Show is the inflatable assault course - let them get stuck in and see who can complete it!

Beach Explosions - one that we get asked to bring back every year! The beach explosions! That is right... we literally have pyros on the beach which re-enact a dog fight in the air!

Simulators - all over the air show we have flight simulators - you can get in and have a go to see what it would be like to fly The Typhoon, or what it is like to be a Red Arrow!

Military Vehicles - we have a selection of military vehicles on the beach. A firm favourite with kids and the mums & dads!

Artillery Guns - Before the displays start, during the air show and to signify the end of the event, the guns will fire - these are carried out using original field equipment!

Fireworks - The Friday night will end with a grand firework finale. Time to practice the 'oohhhs and aahhhs'!

Skyfall Zipwire - on Marine Drive there is not only a Skyfall Zipwire to have a go on but an inflatable dartboard!

Bungee Trampolines - a great way to watch the displays - strapped in a bungee up in the air!

So inbetween what is a great flying display, there is plenty for you to do to make an entire day of it. Bring your picnic, grab something to eat at the event and spend the day!




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