Do you ever wonder how we go about booking aircraft? Or why some are not available?

Here is a short insight in how we secure aircraft such as The Typhoon for the Southport Air Show and how we deal with The Red Arrows being in North America

Securing the very best aircraft for the Southport Air Show usually starts a few weeks after the previous show has ended, its then months of hard work that contains anticipation, disappointment and excitement.

In September working closely with our Flying Display Director (FDD) we submitted our military request form. As usual we request every display item for the 2019 season that included The Red Arrows, a waiting game then entails as its not until March that we find out what has been allocated for Southport.

Its then on to the civilian aircraft, hours are spent researching and conversations with our FDD concluding in our wish list of planes.

Shortly after we receive some news that The Red Arrows are being sent on a North American tour and unlikely to be available for the UK summer Air Shows. This comes as a huge disappointment for the team, and other air shows around the country, however it also presents us with an opportunity to seek other displays.

Frantic work then beings to fill the likely gap, conversations take place with international display teams like the Baltic Bee’s and the Breitling Jet Display Team - sadly this time we couldn’t get the Bees or the Breitling team over for 2019 but we hope to see them in Southport soon after the start of a good working relationship….

However, we receive some good news that we may be able to secure jets from the excellent Swedish Air Force Historic Flight including the Draken and Viggen subject to getting Civil Aviation Authority permission.

We then start to pull together our final list banking on the team behind the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight obtaining their display permissions.  Excitement builds in the office as we believe we are pulling together one of the most exciting display’s Southport has seen including the mighty Typhoon, T-33, Draken, Viggen and the Strikemaster pair, it’s safe to say we went all out to secure fast and extremely loud jets.

We finally release our full line up to the public, this is one of the most exciting and daunting times as the reaction of the public really means a lot to the team who have put time and effort in securing the aircraft.  It was great to see the reaction and it was easy to see that everyone loved the amount of jets that will be displaying over Southport beach this weekend

Shortly after the announcement we have a slight change in that the Draken can’t get over to Southport but in its place,  we have secured Tunnan, in what looks like will be a great addition.

This really is a fantastic line up full of aerobatics, helicopters and historic planes and not to mention fast JETS!

The weather is looking great so why not head to Southport over the weekend for what is bound to be a breath-taking event!




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