Ever noticed how the Spring sunshine shows up the dust we missed during the winter? Maybe that’s why Spring cleaning was invented?

With the arrival of the Spring comes the need to sweep away the cobwebs and refresh our homes for the new season. The long Easter weekend is the perfect chance to pick up that duster and have a bit of a clean – even if you spend a whole day sweeping and shining, you’ll still have three whole days of the weekend to enjoy!

hands squeezing out a soapy sponge into a red bucket

Many of Southport’s guest houses and hotels are gearing up to reopen from 17 May and the preparations have already begun. They’ve been busy cleaning, decorating and sprucing up to be ready to welcome their guests so we’ve asked the experts for some top cleaning tips.

*Please take care when trying out some of these tips as Visit Southport and the businesses featured take no responsibility for any damage caused – always carry out a patch test, or read the manufacturers instructions, before attempting to clean any item in your home*

“You don't always need to fork out on expensive stain removers. Shaving foam is not just for shaving; it can also be used as an inexpensive stain remover, giving good results at removing fake tan from fabrics and carpets. Gently massage the shaving foam into the stained area using a cloth. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse away using warm water, repeat if necessary.”

Anthony - Sunnyside, Bath Street, Southport - 01704 536521 / info@sunnysidesouthport.co.uk

display of sliced lemons, limes, towels and pegs

“The humble lemon has so many uses around the home – including cleaning the limescale in your electric kettle! Half-fill your kettle with water and bring it to the boil. Once it has boiled, turn it off and add 1 – 2 tablespoons of citric acid powder. Leave it to cool with the mixture in the kettle for 15-20 mins and then pour away. (If you don’t have any citric acid powder, a sliced up lemon boiled in with the water will work almost as well). Give it a good rinse before you use it to make a cup of tea!”

Michelle - The Heidi Bed & Breakfast, Bold Street, Southport – 01704 531273 / info@theheidi.co.uk

“Shouting at someone to use a coaster can seem like you’re being a fuss pot, but cup marks and water stains on your wooden furniture are unsightly and annoying. My top tip is to use mayonnaise! Using a paper towel spread a few dollops of mayonnaise over the stain and leave it for a few hours / overnight. Wipe away with a clean cloth and your furniture is restored!”

Barbara - Captain’s Quarters Guest House, Bath Street, Southport – 01704 628755 / info@captainsquartersguesthouse.com

yellow rubber gloves, scrubby sponges and two pump bottles

“My Spring cleaning tip would be to invest in a radiator brush. You might think it’s just something else to hide in a cupboard but they’re indispensable for clean behind and in between the radiators of your house; you’ll be amazed at the dust that comes out! I’d suggest doing it more than once a year though!”

Jane – The Bowden Lodge Guest House, Albert Road, Southport – 01704 543531 / enquiries@bowdenlodge.co.uk

“There can be more bacteria living on your keyboard than a toilet seat so it should be high up your list of things to clean! My tip is quick and easy and will help to eliminate those nasty germs - dip a toothbrush in a half-and-half mix of white vinegar and water, then scrub on and between keys. Be sure to turn everything off and unplug it, and give the toothbrush a good shake first to remove any excess liquid. Make sure the keyboard is completely dry before you use it. (And don’t use your actual toothbrush!)

Josie – Edendale Guest House, Avondale Road North, Southport – 01704 530718 / edendalehouse@gmail.com




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