After almost eighteen months of pandemic-induced worry, stress and Netflix binges you might be feeling in need of some TLC. Personal trainer Lisa Little of From the Block Fitness has teamed up with Bliss Hotel, Southport to host her first ever residential wellbeing and fitness weekend 1-3 October 2021.

Covering everything from motivation and exercise to nutrition and relaxation the weekend if perfect for you whether you’re in need of a boost to your existing routine, or just starting out on your journey to a happy, healthier you. We caught up with Lisa to find out more about what to expect.

Tell us a bit about your and your business

I’m a 42 year old Nan, Mum and level three personal trainer. I’d worked for over 20 years in the hospitality industry, and by the age of 37 had been struggling with my weight and a catalogue of weight-related health issues for years. My journey to lose weight through working with a local personal trainer lead to me onto this career path at 40, after discovering just how life changing it can be. I left behind not only my hospitality career, but also the nearly four stone in weight I had lost and the related health issues. My life really had changed beyond anything I had ever imagined.

I fell in love with the feeling of being fit and healthy and decided that I wanted to help others do the same. I now own From the Block Fitness, a fitness centre located in Southport town centre, and we offer personal training, small group training and circuit training classes. Every day I get to help people on their own journeys to improving their health and fitness and I absolutely love it.

You’re running a very special wellness weekend at Bliss Hotel, Southport – where did the idea come from?

At my gym in any one day we literally see every type of gym goer there is and I’m proud that I have created a welcoming community hub where anybody can walk through the door and feel comfortable. I feel blessed to be in a position to help people locally discover that they can be the master of their own health and fitness, regardless of age, experience etc. I wanted to reach even more people and so after a bit of thought, the idea for the staycations came to me. I just thought ‘why not’? Southport is the most beautiful seaside town; what better setting to discover the path to a new happier, healthier you, than here.

What can people expect from the weekend? Is it just for gym bunnies?

Oh, my goodness no! Whilst I would describe myself as a pretty fit person now days, a gym bunny I am most definitely not! This weekend is aimed at any level of fitness really: newbies like I was - a little lost on where or how to start, or your more experienced gym goer that has maybe fallen back into old habits over lockdown and is now struggling with getting back on track. I will be there every step of the way throughout the weekend - from waking people up with our circuit training sessions in the gym before a yummy nutritional breakfast, right through to winding you down in the evening with a relaxing post-dinner seaside walk - before climbing into those gorgeous hotel beds ready to go again tomorrow. The aim of the weekend is not to instantly drop a dress size, but to show you how to achieve your goals sustainably to ultimately throw the old dress away!

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out on their wellness journey?

Yes! Firstly, you can do this, and secondly do not try and do everything at once. The all-in method very rarely works long term if you are brand new to fitness and struggled creating any healthy habits in the past. Be prepared for one of the hardest but most rewarding journeys of your life.

For more information and to book, contact Lisa through Instagram or Facebook - @lisalittlept




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