It’s got to that time in the summer holidays the kids are climbing the walls whilst I am desperately trying to fit in bits of work between getting them snacks, stopping arguments, cleaning up messes, putting on the washing (in the ten minutes that the sun comes out), and a hundred other things.

But today was a good day because today we went to Southport.

It’s full of places to entertain your littles and for you to remember the good old days at the penny arcades, riding the Helter Skelter, playing crazy golf, giggling all afternoon and maybe getting a mint choc chip ice cream ‘if you’re good’.

And if, like this summer, you’re struggling with rainy days, there’s still loads to do in Southport. You can check out The Atkinson, which always has lots going on over the summer, or perhaps take everyone on a trip to the Bijou Cinema one evening after work. 

I love Southport in summer and finally the sun is shining so it makes it so much better. I still remember long afternoons playing hide and seek in the dunes, or flying a kite on the beach when it was windy. There’s plenty to do in Southport, whatever your budget.

Today we raced around on the motorboats on Marine Lake, and it was so much fun! We then went on the carousel before stopping for a fresh bag of hot fish and chips (with loads of tasty salt and vinegar) on our way to get the train home.

And we have already organised a day out next week to the Southport Market, they have a Mr. Stix Music & Mayhem Magic Show and the tickets are only £5 for children - adults are FREE - the kids are entertained, and then we can enjoy some lovely food.

For other mum’s needing to give their kids a great day out, check out Southport Pleasureland; we noticed that they have Dino Encounter Days and Superhero Days are on until the end of the summer. There are also plenty of options for food and drink in Southport after all that excitement.

There’s just no better place to be than the seaside in summer, watch out for more of our Summer Holiday adventures!

Ideas for a day out