Southport boasts a beautiful coastline which is 22 miles long with numerous beaches along the way. The 2nd longest and oldest iron pier in the UK and expansive views with the natural beauty of a coastal town. If you are looking for somewhere a little different, in Southport you get the perfect blend of an old Victorian town, with a seaside ambience alongside urban chic.

It has undergone a series of transformations and continues to do so,  which have added vibrancy to the landscape whilst retaining the beauty of a coastal town, showing a bursting ambition to pave the way for innovation and ideas.

Southport is close to major cities, Manchester and Liverpool, which makes it easily accessible by road, train or air but coming to Southport allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city, enjoy the peaceful coast and focus your mind on the conference at hand.

Food and drink is something that Southport does particularly well. Sat on the coast and surrounded by nearby farmland, fresh local produce is something Southport boasts about. Catering for your event or a delicious meal in one of our independent restaurants, enjoying local food is something we can weave into your meeting or conference in Southport.

Choosing the right destination and venue for your event is essential and we understand that and have a dedicated team to help you with all aspects of your planning – from choosing the venue to booking accommodation for your delegates we can help put together the perfect package so you have a successful conference in Southport.

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