The Southport Restaurateurs Association has been established for over 15 years and promotes local independent restaurants in and around Southport.

Eating out in one of the eateries in the association means that you are guaranteed 70% of the food you are served uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and is produced freshly at the establishment. Each restaurant is vetted before they can join which gives the assurance for you, the customer.

Mainly locally owned, each restaurant has pride and personal touches you don’t get in chain restaurants. Real quality at a great value to you.

With an immense amount of independent restaurants, we look at our wealth of independent restaurants in Southport and diverse food offering - you can literally travel around the cuisine world!

We have put together the top places to dine in Southport - travel the culinary world and enjoy the assurance that these establishments are part of the Southport Restaurateurs Association.

Explore the independent places to eat

Chez Moi

Chez Moi Bistro, located on Southport’s prestigious Lord Street is a family run classical…