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Dog Friendly Southport

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In the UK there is an estimated population of 11 million pet dogs, which equates to 29% of the adult…

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Celebrating Southport’s Rich Aviation History

Our little seaside town of Southport has an intriguing history in aviation, from early flight tests to its wartime roles. Located just up the coast from Liverpool, Southport's expansive beach provided a long flat space for aviators to operate aircraft in the early 20th century. The Beginnings of…

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The perfect romantic break

Southport can be the perfect hideaway for a romantic weekend break, away from the big city, close to the sea, and a more relaxed way to spend your time together. Check into the Vincent Hotel and Spa, the location is ideal, right at the centre of Lord Street, take time to settle in and enjoy the…

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Best place for exercise lovers in England and Wales

Southport has been names as the best location for exercise lovers in England and Wales according to Forbes Advisor. With a score of 79.94, Southport comes ahead of places including Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Stoke-on-Trent, St Albans and Sutton Coldfield. The town scores particularly well for green space…

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